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Women's History Month

Women's History Month

Women's History Month celebrates the achievements of women, the history of the women's rights movement, and the diverse lives and experiences of women.  If you are looking for Women's History Month reading, or just simply a great book to read, you might want to take a look at the titles below.


The Women's Rights Movement  

Women's marches took place in cities across the country and around the world just a year ago, and this movement will likely turn out to be an important milestone in women's history.  Together We Rise, "the official oral history" of the marches, includes pictures and interviews from this major event.

Here are some additional recent books available at MPHPL that discuss key moments and events in women's history.

Feminism Unfinished is an overview of women's movements in the United States.

Divided We Stand is a historical view of the women's rights movement and the political polarization that has resulted.

The Woman's Hour is about the winning of the vote for women.


Contributions of Women Scientists and Mathematicians

In the last couple of years, there have been several books published about the significant but often unrecognized contributions of women in math and the sciences.  These contributions have led to the winning of wars, voyages into outer space and more.  The best known of these books is probably Hidden Figures, the bestselling story of African American women mathematicians at NASA in the 1960s whose work contributed significantly to the space program.  A young readers' edition of this title is also available at MPHPL, as is the recently released feature film

 If you have already read and enjoyed Hidden Figures, you might want to try these other recent books about women scientists.

Code Girls describes the work and experiences of women code breakers during World War II.

Rise of the Rocket Girls tells the story of women mathematicians in the space program in the 40s and 50s.

Glass Universe recounts the history of women astronomers at the Harvard College Observatory in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Girls of Atomic City narrates the experiences of the women who worked on the development of the atomic bomb in Oakridge, Tennessee during World Ward II.

Visionary Women : How Rachel Carson, Jane Jacobs, Jane Goodall, and Alice Waters Changed Our World describes the importance of the work of these four women and the impact it has had on our society.


Women's Lives and Experiences

If you're interested in the lives and experiences of women, try these biographies and memoirs.

Brown Girl Dreaming  is considered a YA book, but adults will enjoy as well reading about the experiences of Jacqueline Woodson, a young African American woman growing up in South Carolina and in Brooklyn, New York in the 60s and 70s.  

Pioneer Girl  is the recently published version for adults of Laura Ingalls Wilder's autobiography about life on the prairie in the 1800s.

A Train in Winter relates the experiences of women of the French Resistance imprisoned by the Nazis.

Eleanor and Hick portrays the lives and the 30-year relationship between Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok, a reporter.

In the Mouth of the Wolf is a memoir by a South Bend woman, Rose Zar, that describes how she survived the holocaust in Poland during World War II.


Further reading and viewing

For more reading and viewing about women's lives, achievements and rights, please take a look at MPHPL's Women's History Month booklist and Women's History Month Movies list.



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