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Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning!

Spring cleaning is the annual practice of deep-cleaning a living space when the weather gets warmer, particularly in colder climates.

During the 19th century, many people would deep clean their homes in the spring because the winter would leave their homes a big mess.  Homes were lit with kerosene or oil and were heated with coal or wood, leaving soot and grime throughout the house. Proper cleaning would require opening the windows to let the dirt and soot out, which, could only happen in warmer weather.

While we don’t clean off coal soot from our walls anymore, spring cleaning is still a widely practiced activity.

Need some reading material to motivate you and help get you started?  Check these out!

What would a blog about cleaning be without mentioning Marie Kondo?

Presents a guide to cleaning and organizing a living space using the KonMari Method, discussing best techniques for decluttering and the impact that an organized home can have on mood and physical and mental health.

And the companion book, Spark Joy. 

Offers an illustrated guide to organizing closets, folding clothes, and minimizing clutter. "Tidying expert Marie Kondo's follow-up to her best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, is an illustrated master manual on her renowned KonMari Method with item-specific guidance and step-by-step folding illustrations"

Decluttering at the Speed of Life 

A decluttering expert and creator of the Slob Comes Clean blog, identifying the mind-sets and emotional challenges that make it difficult to declutter, provides workable solutions to break through these struggles and get clutter out—for good.

The Art of Natural Cleaning 

This handy little guide is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to keep their home sparklingly clean without resorting to chemical products.

The Complete Book of Clean 

The follow-up to the bestselling Complete Book of Home Organization, the Complete Book of Clean is a foolproof, eco-friendly guide to cleaning your home.

Clean My Space 

A modern guide to a healthy home by the vlogger behind the popular YouTube channel of the same name outlines strategies for rendering cleaning fun and fast, in a guide that includes coverage of time-saving cleaning tools and techniques.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home 

MRS MEYER'S CLEAN HOME is two parts common sense and one part inspiration. Read it and learn how to clean like the dickens.

Mind your Manors 

A treasury of advice from servants' memoirs and housekeeping guides, and illustrated with charming art from period advertising and domestic classics, Mind Your Manors is the perfect book for all those who want to put time-tested cleaning methods to work.

How about all of these in one place?  

Check out our Cleaning and Decluttering booklist where you will find all of these books and more!


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