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Reader's Advisory: Let Us Help You Find Your Next Favorite Book

Reader's Advisory: Let Us Help You Find Your Next Favorite Book

Finishing a book can be an emotional time for many reasons. An unsatisfying conclusion can leave readers disappointed. A satisfying conclusion can leave readers happy with the events or sad that it is over. Regardless of what you feel when finishing a book, readers are often left wanting more (unless they disliked the book completely). But what happens when the reader can't find more?


That is where we the Mishawaka-Penn-Harris Public Library and our Reader's Advisory Services come in. 


What is reader's advisory you ask? It is a service which involves suggesting fiction and nonfiction titles to a reader through direct or indirect means. This can be done with book displays, reading lists, interviews, and many other ways. MPHPL uses many of these tools to try and help our readers find books that they will love. Here are some that we offer in case you haven't seen them yet.


  • Reading Lists
    • We have reading lists for all interests and age groups created by staff on our website. They are updated regularly and can be found here.
  • Library Aware
    • We have more lists created by staff that are emailed out at regular intervals. These alaso are made for all ages and interests and can be found here.
  • NoveList
    • Want to try and find bookws on your own? NoveList lets you pick and choose what parts of the books you have already read and enjoyed, and suggests other books based on those interests. NoveList can be found under the Database tab of our website here.
  • Reader's Advisory Interviews
    • If you would like something more specific suggested by our staff, you can fill out our Reader's Advisory form here. We will use your answers on the form to find books that match your interests.


As always, our staff is always eager to help readers find their next favorite book as well.


Happy reading!

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