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Library Services for Seniors and the Homebound

Library Services for Seniors and the Homebound

Book Delivery

Seniors are an important and growing part of our community and MPHPL is committed to meeting their unique needs. For instance, are you an avid reader but are physically unable to visit our library? Homebound services might be just the thing for you. If you are a resident of Penn or Harris Townships (whether in a private residence or an assisted living or adult care facility) who is either permanently or temporarily unable to visit the library, then you are eligible to have books delivered to your home monthly. Working with your Homebound Librarian, materials based on your preferences will be delivered once a month at no cost to you. Call Angie Fisher at (574) 259-5277 x 2303 to discuss whether you qualify for this service.

Lending Libraries

Homebound Librarians can also supplement the library collections at your assisted living or adult care facility. Different books are brought in every month for you and your neighbors to borrow and read at your leisure. If interested, ask your activities director to contact us to see how MPHPL can help.

Book Talks

Can’t wait to talk about what you’ve just read? Consider starting a Book Talk at your retirement community with your local librarian. Through our Book Talk service, an MPHPL librarian will come to facilitate a discussion for book lovers. You can share what you are reading and learn about the MPHPL Hot Staff Picks as well as receiving recommendations from other participants.

Indiana Talking Book and Braille Library

Residents of Indiana who are blind, have limited vision, or who are not able to hold a book are eligible for services through the Indiana Talking Book and Braille Library. Through this service, digital audiobooks and players and Braille materials are mailed from the State Library with free return postage guaranteed. Your local MPHPL librarian can help you sign up for this State delivered service. For more information about any of these programs please contact Angie Fisher at (574) 259-5277 x 2303.

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