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July is National Ice Cream Month!

July is National Ice Cream Month!

The happy tune of an ice cream truck in the distance, and the promise of a cold treat on a hot summer day . . . . . and soon the tinkling songs grow louder and ice cream and other frozen treats magically appear near your house in a colorful truck!

Some variation of frozen treats have been enjoyed in countries around the world for hundreds (and in some cases thousands!) of years. The version of ice cream that we know is very different from the Roman Empire version made of snow from the mountains and topped with fruit. Ice cream only transformed into the modern day treats we know when technology helped us keep foods frozen longer.

The early American Presidents would be surprised that we don’t need to store ice cut from frozen lakes and rivers in order to enjoy a bowl of ice cream today and that it can be made so quickly. Since the beginning of our country, our Presidents have enjoyed ice cream. George Washington reportedly had ice cream served to guests in the White House! More recently, in 1984, President Reagan proclaimed July as National Ice Cream Month, and the third Sunday of July at National Ice Cream Day. Make plans now to celebrate with your family. What’s your favorite flavor?

Fun ice cream facts:

  • Over 10% of milk produced in America is used to create ice cream
  • Approximately 1.54 BILLION gallons of ice cream (and other frozen desserts) are made in the United States each year
  • The average American eats over 23 pounds of ice cream each year
  • Most ice cream manufacturers in the United States have been in business for over 50 years, and many are still family owned!

Looking for fun ice cream ideas?

  • Check out some of the books below, to discover how to make your own ice cream at home, or who the first President was to eat ice cream.
  • Make a list of ice cream flavors and have your child rank them in order of yumminess.
  • If you want to keep your child’s writing skills strong this summer, ask them to write a list of adjectives to describe the colors, textures, tastes and smells of their favorite frozen treats.
  • Have an ice cream party! Make your own ice cream, and add mix and match toppings, so everyone can create their own. Or make or buy some cookies, and create homemade ice cream sandwiches.
  • Visit locally owned ice cream shops, and find a new favorite dish!


Here are some fun ice-cream themed books to check out:

Wilson and the Ice Cream Fair by Mara Conlon

Splat the Cat I Scream for Ice Cream by Laura Driscoll

Wemberly’s Ice Cream Star by Kevin Henkes

Groovy Joe: Ice Cream and Dinosaurs by Eric Litwin

The Ice Cream Shop by J.E. Morris

Ice-cream Larry by Daniel Manus Pinkwater

Curious George Goes to an Ice Cream Shop by Margret Rey

Should I Share My Ice Cream? by Mo Willems


Want to learn more about the history of ice cream around the world, or how to make your own ice cream and toppings? Here are books that tell the story or show you how:

Cookies & Cream: Hundreds of Ways to Make the Perfect Ice Cream Sandwich by Tessa Arias

Ice Cream The Full Scoop by Gail Gibbons

Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones: 90 Recipes for Making your Own Ice Cream and Frozen Treats From Bi-Rite Creamery by Kris Hoogerhyde

From Cow to Ice Cream by Bertram T. Knight

From Milk to Ice Cream by Stacy Taus-Bolstad


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