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As of January 2021, the library’s Homebound Delivery Service has changed to Books-by-Mail! This convenient new service allows patrons who cannot visit the library due to physical limitations to receive curated selections of books, audiobooks, or magazines based on their reading interests. All at no cost! Instead of these materials being delivered by library staff, they will now come through the United States Postal Service with prepaid return shipping. This allows us to serve our community in a safe contact-free way. What is even more exciting: with Books-by-Mail, there is no need to wait for monthly deliveries anymore—patrons can get material mailed to them again as soon as we receive their current loans!

Up to 8 books at a time will be sent in an MPHPL mailing bag to patrons. This material will be delivered in the same way any other mailed packages are delivered. Returning material is easy too! Just flip the address card over, and USPS will bring the bag right back to the library. Once we receive the bag, staff will immediately begin preparing another shipment. Books-by-Mail is all on your schedule!

For more information about our new program, please contact our Books-by-Mail Librarian at (574) 259-5277 x 1306 or email

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