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Being Bullied is Not Okay

Being Bullied is Not Okay

It can be heartbreaking to know a child who is being bullied and feel unable to help them. Bullying is a real problem, and has the potential to ruin a child's school experience.


How can you help?

  • The first step should be to let the child know they are not alone and that the behavior of the bully is unacceptable.
  • If your child is being bullied, address the topic with the school. Be polite, but insistent, on having the issue addressed and resolved. Ask about the availability of counseling, aWork with the school staff to create a safer environment for your child.
  • If a child you know is being bullied, talk with the adults in their life to see if the issue is being addressed at school.
  • If your child is bullying someone, speak with them about it, and use the books listed below to help correct the behavior.


These books offer some ideas for addressing the issue of bullying:

Bullying With Words by Addy Ferguson

Bullied: What Every Parent, Teacher, and Kid Needs to Know About Ending the Cycle of Fear by Carrie Goldman

Pushing Isn’t Funny: What to Do About Physical Bullying by Melissa Higgins

How to Beat Psychological Bullying by Jennifer Landau

The Survival Guide to Bullying: Written by A Teen by Aija Mayrock

How to Beat Verbal Bullying by Liz Sonneborn


Sometimes bullying becomes a ‘normal’ part of a child’s day.

They may even believe that they deserve to be bullied,

or learn to believe the bad things others say about them.

Teach them that it is okay to tell grown-ups when they are being bullied. 

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