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Be an Eco-Conscious Reader!

Be an Eco-Conscious Reader!

With Earth Day just around the corner on April 22nd, why not take this opportunity to show Mother Earth some extra love?  Whether it is learning how to make more earth-friendly purchases, how to make a compost pile, or simply how to use the old to make something new, this is a great time to take a look at your daily habits and see where you can make life-long changes to help our planet.  Since the library is temporarily closed, here are some links to articles, websites, and digital titles to help you become a more eco-conscious reader and citizen.



Learn more about Earth Day and easy changes you can adopt to help make our home a better place! – Learn about the history of Earth Day and how you can help support efforts to save the environment.

“Earth Day Every Day” by Barbara Turvett (Parents Magazine) – Learn small steps that you and your family can adopt to make big changes!

Green Parenting (Parents Magazine) – Check out articles about real families who have taken the pledge to make eco-friendly changes in their household to help our planet.

101 Ways to Go Zero Waste by Kathryn Kellogg – Learn ways to change your lifestyle and reduce the amount you waste every day.



Find out how to make more eco-friendly choices in the items you buy and consume every day!

“What Does ‘Eco-Friendly’ Actually Mean?” by Amina Lake Abdelrahman (Good Housekeeping) – Ever wonder what makes a product eco-friendly?  Learn what words, logos, and more to look for when seeking to buy products that are good for the environment.

MagnifEco by Kate Black – Learn how changes in your fashion and beauty routine can make you a more ethical consumer.

Give a Sh*t by Ashlee Piper – Piper shares how small changes made to the items you buy and the foods you eat can have a big impact on helping Mother Earth.

DIY Natural Makeup – Ever thought about making your own makeup so that it is natural and non-toxic?  If so, check out this article from One Green Planet.



Use your gardening skills for good (not evil) and encourage nature to flourish!

“How to Make Compost” by BH&G Garden Editors (Better Homes & Gardens) – Learn the basics of composting, including making your food waste into “black gold” to use all throughout your garden.

The Wildlife-Friendly Vegetable Gardener by Tammi Hartung – Learn how encouraging wildlife into your garden can help you naturally manage it to create beautiful blooms!

Eco-Yards by Laureen Rama – Learn how to create a low-maintenance yard that is earth-friendly and beautiful.



Learn how to reduce your waste by reusing it to make cool crafts!

“20 Green & Eco-Friendly Crafts” (Little Red Window) – Check out these easy and chic crafts that are also good for the environment!

“14 Recycled Crafts that Will Help You Go Zero-Waste” by Alexandra Lim-Chua Wee (Martha – Check out these stylish crafts created from items just lying around the house.

“33 Eco-Friendly Crafts for Kids” by Laura Marie Meyers (Popsugar) – Get your kids in on the fun and help them learn how to reuse items in fun and inventive ways.

Organic Crafts by Kimberly Monaghan – Get your kids outside and teach them a love for nature while also creating cool crafts!


For more information on how you can help the planet check out the following reading list

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