Staff listing

Staff Name Staff Title Staff Extension Staff Email
(Staff) Youth Services ext. 1400/1499
(Staff) Young Adult ext. 1401
(Staff) Circulation Services ext. 1200/1298/1299
(Staff) Heritage Center ext. 1800
(Staff) Reference Services ext. 1300
(Staff) Homebound Services ext. 1305
(Staff) Interlibrary Loan ext. 1304
Adams, Lensie Marketing Manager ext. 1104
Book, Lisa Comptroller ext. 1105
Burch, Laura Digital Services Coordinator ext 1701
Friends of the Mishawaka-Penn-Harris Public Library Friends of the Mishawaka-Penn-Harris Public Library ext. 1992
Ludwig, Jennifer Youth Services Coordinator ext. 1401
Makala, Sheila Technical Services Coordinator ext. 1601
Meeks, Donna Director ext. 1101
Mims, Eric Assistant Director of Library Services ext. 1103
Renner, Melissa Reference and Information Services Coordinator/Harris Branch Manager ext. 3101
Wargo, Dena Assistant Director of Operational Services/Human Resources ext. 1102

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