National Bicycle Month

National Bicycle Month

From tricycles to mountain bikes, many children spend a lot of time on their bikes. They explore their neighborhoods, race up and down driveways and around yards, and blaze trails through the forest with their friends. Bikes can be decorated to match the owner’s personality, customized for different uses, and can even be used for cross-country trips.

Bicycles have been around for almost 200 years. Some of the first bicycles were called boneshakers because the combination of metal wheels and wooden frames made riding around uneven cobblestone streets very uncomfortable! Even if you don’t know how to ride, you can enjoy National Bike Month. Below are some examples of how to celebrate national bike month with or without a bike.

Activities could include:

  • If you have a bike, grab your helmet and enjoy a family bike ride! Research local parks and trails. Potato Creek and Pokagon State Parks have wonderful bike trails that wind through beautiful areas of the parks.
  • No bike? No problem! Let your child use their imagination as your share books about adventures on bicycles (see list below).
  • If you have Legos, use them to create a bike for your Lego people, Barbies, or other toys.
  • Create a cardboard bike craft with your child. Let them decorate it. Brainstorm about how to make tires that will roll. Could you use water bottles? Cardboard cut into circles? What else could you use?


Check out these bike-related books:

My Bike  by Byron Barton

The Bike Lesson  by Stan Berenstain

D. W. Rides Again!  by Marc Tolon Brown

Ben Rides On  by Matt Davies

Off We Go! A Bear and Mole Story  by Will Hillenbrand

Everyone Can Learn to Ride A Bicycle  by Christopher Raschka

Curious George Rides a Bike  by H.A. Rey

Duck on a Bike  by David Shannon

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